So yesterday the real hard work started! Last week was a recovery week having been on a training camp in the Lake District with my tri-club the previous week for a ‘holiday’. We managed to rack up about 25hrs training and me and 2 of my friends ended the week by taking part in the Conniston epic swim series race. The race was my first ever 3.8km open water swim so a good step to take as it now means I’ve done all the individual iron man elements so now I just have to put them altogether – on one day – what could go wrong??


The so called ‘recovery week’ involved over 10hrs of training, but all under a HR cap. It was a good week and had some OK weather for some of the sessions but I’m still left wondering where our summer is…..

So, the hard graft! So far this week I’ve had a muscular endurance swim set, a 15 mile run, a turbo session (bad weather) and my usual Pilates class. The week is only just starting though and I have an epic day on Thursday where I have to do a 3.5hr ride and brick session before I start work – I am then taking part in my first IM70.3 on Sunday at Wimbleball. As I’m taking advice on my training now from a coach that trains in my club, I have been given a personalised race plan, which pretty much means I’m using Wimbleball as a practice for nutrition strategy, HR limits and to find any problems that may arise before Bolton. As I’m incredibly competitive by nature, this is going to be difficult to stick – but I will as i don’t want to jeopardise my big day in Bolton…..

It’s got be said, the excitement is really setting in now!

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