22 days and counting…….



This week has been mad! Last week had been fairly busy trying to juggle the usual work demands, looking after my dog and trying to keep up with friends. I went out with my closest friend on Friday night – fish and chips under the excuse of ‘carb loading’ for a heavy weekend of training (well they do say nutrition is the fourth discipline)! Its got to be said, my weekends are very different now to what they used to be, gone are the booze and late nights and in their place are early nights and 4-5am alarm calls!

Saturday was a long swim at the lake early morning and then my last long run; I did a lovely run along the canal in the sunshine and thankfully lots of sections were shaded, otherwise it could have been a long hot session!

I went to Bolton for the day on Sunday with my friend Tom from the tri-club who is also doing IMUK (top photograph). We did the long ride out to the bike circuit from Pennington Flash and then one loop of the course before returning to Pennington Flash for a brick run – again it was red hot, in the high 20’s all day – loved it!

My race photographs came through from Wimbleball this week too so I pleased to have my hardwork and efforts caught on camera as permanent memories of the day.

I’m still finding the hardest part of training is juggling everyday life, and that planning is the biggest part that can help ease this. My coach gives me my plan 5 weeks in advance so I have to check this against my work diary for any obvious clashes and then try to plan around them. I find that by making my longest training day match with my home admin day helps as I can get an early morning session in, still be at my desk from 9-6 then get an evening session in too. My most demanding work day I will try to match up with rest day so I don’t have to worry about training if there are flights to catch or a very long day in the city lined up. Weekends for me now are all about training – I guess pros can still have a bit of a life outside of training, but to us mere mortal age groupers the weekend is all about training as its the only time we can fit in endurance sessions. Even getting up at 5am on a Saturday you’d be surprised how quickly 9pm comes around and all you’ve done is a swim, a run, a dog walk and maybe a load of washing!!! The garden certainly is not looking at its best!

Right then – for now that’s it; another long weekend ahead with my first ever 100+ ride; I’m doing the 125 mile Wiggle Magnificat!

image-2allie image-1allie

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