My blog entry to Sport Pursuit following my second week of training since winning a place at IM UK 2013. #Teamsportpursuit


Another crazy week, but rather than talking about all my training – the highlight for me this week was my training race at Wimbleball – IM70.3UK, my first IM brand event. Friday was amazing and I was getting so excited as I laid out all my kit in the hotel – this is my first triathlon using transition bags as I’ve only done 2 sprints and 2 Olympic distances before now. This was definitely a weekend and a race to remember.


image (2)

Here is my race report that was posted in the triathlon club website and on the Sport Pursuit blog pages;

Race Report / IronmanUK70.3 Exmoor (Wimbleball);

“That was brutal!

Swim was great – ironically the swim was the only dry bit of the day! I loved it and was actually drafting on feet for quite a bit – with hind site could have gone way harder – but again, better to be conservative when trying a new distance that you’ve never raced before I guess!

T1 – the run to transition is around half a mile, up a very muddy hill, that was fun in bare-feet! Because this was my ‘training race’ and not really a race, I took the time to dry my feet properly, and put plenty warm layers on, calf guards, arm warmers, jersey and a waterproof.

Cycle – it was very wet and it hurt. I didn’t push 100% as again I don’t know the route, but I knew it was hard and didn’t want to blow up before the second lap. The rain started about 15mins into the cycle and became torrential in parts, continued for all the bike and some of the run. The cycle leg has 1800m of elevation – that’s pretty tough in the torrential rain, I felt really sorry for the people in just trisuits and gillets, I took the time to wrap up and was still shivering about mid way around.

T2 – Pretty normal, got of my soaked outer-layers and kept my jersey on, realised part way in the run I still had gloves on too, felt a bit daft but not as bad as the guy who ran the whole thing in his cycle helmet haha. Also took the time to use ‘the conveniences’ in T2 as I still don’t get this whole ‘going on the bike’ thing!

Run – This was a complete mud fest, I didn’t realise it was all off road, a mix of gravel tracks, forest trail, and grass, I would have taken trail shoes if I had known as I was slipping all over in the mud. Took ages to get my HR lowered from the bike, but after 20mins it had settled and I had got into a good rhythm. By 30mins, my stomach decided to protest to all the gels I had, so there were 4 more ‘comfort stops’ and lots of stomach cramps on the run. In the last couple of miles of the run I started to get all emotional and really had to fight back the tears, the realisation that my goal of the past year was nearly at completion was a bit overwhelming, I’ve put so much hard work in since September and it was all going to be over soon. Crossed the line with a huge smile, and then burst into tears!!

Funny story from in the athletes tent – they were giving out Hog roast rolls, and one guy looked to be particularly enjoying his, when the guy next to him commented on this, he replied saying he’s been a vegetarian for 10years haha! They were lush though, pork apple sauce and crackling – perfect recovery food eh?”

Final times;

Swim 41:55
T1 10:07
Bike 03:46:10
T2 04:33
Run 02:10:03
Total 06:52:48.

710 of 1666 total (top 42%)
55 of 226 Females (top 24%)
10 of 35 Cat.


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