I’ve found my Chubby Hubby……

My Chubby Hubby!

So finally after waiting for 15years – i’ve finally found my chubby hubby!

No – i haven’t found myself a man – not yet anyway, and I wouldn’t want one necessarily of the chubby variety but for those of you who haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about, read on….

Many moons ago – I was a fatty, actually not so many moons ago, but never mind.  When I was in my twenties I always loved my grub, and still do, but for a while I was in a happy relationship, didn’t pay much attention to my physique and ate what i wanted, and lots of it.  One of my absolute cravings and favourite treats was an ice cream called Chubby Hubby by Ben n Jerry’s.  Chubby Hubby to those of you have never had the delight of tasting it, was a malt ice cream containing, peanut butter filled, chocolate coated pretzels.  It was pure heaven in a tub!

When I was 22 – to my horror, Ben and Jerry’s stopped selling Chubby hubby in the UK. The only place you get it was their flag ship store in New York – yes I did my research to find it.  There was even a running joke with my ex, that he would propose to me in New York  one day with the ring hidden in a tub of chubby hubby haha!

So fast forward 12 years of ice cream heaven deprivation, believe me, i have tried to find another ice cream as god as never found one.  Until today……..

Today is the last day of my off-season training, so my nutrition plan has been more relaxed and i’ve been allowing myself extra treats, and my training plan also has been more relaxed.  The new training plan and strict nutrition plan starts again tomorrow so i decided to have one last treat tonight and popped to my local supermarket to get my dinner.

I noticed Ben n Jerry’s was on special and noticed a new flavour – peanut butter cup.  I have just now had some and to my delight I’ve found it is is basically chubby hubby but under a new name and slightly different ‘bits’ in it to the pretzels on the original version.

So then – I’m now not sure if I’m happy or gutted that Ive found an ice cream as lush again – will i have the strength to stop myself eating a tub a week……..or will i just make some kind of justification as to how good this is post training as a high protein fix after my endurance sessions?  I think we all know the answer to that!

Now where did I leave my spoon………






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