Weekend musings of a ‘sandbagger’

Weekend musings….

The last couple of weeks I have been thinking about races and goals for next season. As I have already stated in my blog, my primary goal in the next 5 years is try and qualify for the Ironman World Champs in Kona, Hawaii. This is a personal goal to me and I may or may not achieve it, but Ill do my best to make sure I know I did everything I could to achieve this dream, and if it doesn’t come to fruition, it wont be for the lack of trying.

It always amazes me that everyone in life has so many different thoughts, dreams, and aspirations but what still surprises me at times is what some will do to try and make false gains and claims in life. I like to think of myself of a humble person that counts my blessings and is very thankful for the things in life others can take for granted. I have always worked hard, and been ambitious but very grounded at the same time and I have never been one to accepts handouts, i paid for my first car, i work hard for my ‘toys’ and believe the old age adage of ‘you don’t get owt for nowt!’.

Within the sporting areas of my life I have been classed as a bit of ‘sandbagger’. This is not an intentional thing but just my nature, I will always talk myself down rather than big myself up, ‘selling myself or talking ‘a good race’ is not something I am comfortable with. In recent years since starting ‘proper’ training, my friends have all come to realise i don’t do this intentionally but as a newbie, to running and Tri i have tried to gauge my estimated race times by my training times, however as a naturally competitive person this doesn’t work for me and I tend to race a lot harder than I train, hence have some surprising results when I race – I am usually the person most surprised at the results!

What I cant understand is the way that other people can make claims of fame and fortune so to speak and ‘sell themselves’ as being something that they very clearly are not. To put oneself forward as being an achiever without evidence does not sit comfortably with me, whilst many it seems do not have such morals. There seems to be the opposite of a ‘sandbagger’, thats is the race ‘bullshitter’. The people that talk about what they are and what they want to be as the same thing. The ‘been there, done that got the T.shirt’ types who celebrate the T.shirt before its even designed let alone earned and worn!

Anyhow – all of this aside, I discovered this weekend I apparently have qualified to race for the 2014 ETU European Long Distance championships. I’m not 100% certain with how all this qualification malarky works, but I’ve been told its all to do with how you close you place to the winner in your age-group – and on those grounds, I’ve qualified! So what I have to do now, is put forward my entry and see if i’m picked to race for Team GB. It all seems a bit of a farce really as I did my first Ironman on a 8 week training program following a last minute prize entry through Sport Pursuit who now sponsor me as one of their Brand ambassadors.

So then – watch this space. From IM newbie to European champs – whatever next, Kona may not just be a pipe dream after all…….


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