Back on track and ready for racing……

From the Doom and Gloom of injury to ‘Back On Track’ and Race fit!

So since my ironman in early August I’ve had a fair few niggles and issues that were getting in the way of my training and prevented me from taking part in both the Helvelyn Triathlon and the Beachy head marathon.  Things are now on the up….

My pelvis locking issue is well on the road to recovery after lots of physio and help with strengthening my glutes, helping them to fire more and also working on my lower abdominal strength.   This issue is so common amongst endurance athletes and isn’t helped by the fact that I have a massive imbalance between my left and right hand side of my body.  Apparently my right hamstring and quads are much more developed than my left hand side.  This is most likely due to me favouring that side for years of kickboxing and downhill mountain biking.

As part of the process of strengthening and keeping my body working properly I have also been advised to have regular sports massages concentrating on the areas that are tightening up because of these issues.  Through my triathlon club I became acquainted with the MD of a physio company called ‘Back on Track.  Back on Track is a small team of chartered physiotherapists specialising in sports injuries and rehabilitation as well as occupational health and Ergonomics. Because the physio’s participate and compete in sports themselves they have a good understanding of the stresses and strains I place on my body and the effect that injury can have both physically and psychologically.

Over recents months Claire has become a very good friend and as a fellow Ironman triathlete has very kindly offered to help me on my road to Kona by sponsoring my regular sports massage treatments and giving my regular advice and help with injury prevention and treatment.

Because things have been looking up recently and my injuries seem to be well maintained I have decoded to enter a winter race.  Always in search of a new PB I decided to enter Bedford Half Marathon in December.  I’m pretty much guaranteed a PB here being as my last (and only) half marathon was the great north run aged 19, a lot heavier than I am now and with very little training – I’m hoping to take at least an hour of my time – now that will be a good PB!!

Its only 8 months to go now until Austria IM and I also have my half IM in Majorca earlier in the season as a bit of a warm up.  Sport pursuit has helped me so much with all my kit requirements for next year so I cant thank them enough for their help.  I also pick up my next seasons race bike this weekend so I am very excited about that.

All in all, looks like 2013 injuries and races are all behind me now and Im well and truly ‘back on track’ for a storming 2014!

What this space for a race report after Bedford half in December!



2 thoughts on “Back on track and ready for racing……

  1. Glad to hear that massages are helping! I have a massive left-to-right imbalance also due to an injury to my right foot that I favored for a long time–I need to start getting regular massages and working on that imbalance.

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