RoboBike is finally here

Azione Falce ‘RoboBike’s’ Maiden voyage

Finally after a long wait (typically impatient girl) for frame to be shipped to the UK, custom sprayed by Steve Mortlock at Shelby Airbrush Art, built by Azione’ s Marius, and fitted by Jon Bateman, I finally had my first ride on my gorgeous Azione Falce this weekend.

Falce - Allie Park

Saturday was spent with Dave Anderson of Azione having my bike fit done.  Having been a sponsored rider for Azione since the summer, it’s fair to say I now feel well and truly part of the small but close Azione community and always welcomed by Dave and his family.  Jon Bateman owner of Il-Sasso cycling (Italy) who performed the bike fit is a cycling coach for Triathlon England and a coach educator for British Cycling so it’s fair to say he knows his cycling and bikes! The fit uses a series or measurements and videos to correct between your natural cycling position and the optimal cycling position depending on your chosen style of riding (long distance triathlon for me).

SAM_2958 SAM_2975

After the fit which took several hours, I went out for a short trial ride along the coast to Whitley bay – it was fantastic, I only wish the sun setting hadn’t stopped play!

Picture 005 Picture 015

The next morning I was heading out for a ride with friends around the North York’s / Teesside area – quite a hilly area so we cleverly managed to plan a flattish route so could get used to the new bike set up and very different TT riding position.


Time trail /triathlon riding position, basically feels like being on the drops the whole time, but even more aggressively low in profile.  It actually was surprisingly comfortable.  I didn’t get as much chance as I wanted to be on the TT bars properly as was riding with friends and its not safe or good bike etiquette to be on TT bars in a group (no brakes on bars if person in front has to brake suddenly).  I did however, break off in front for a few sections to allow me time to feel what the new position and get used to the gears on TT bars.

Di2 for anyone that doesn’t know is basically electronic shifting. It’s been around for a while now on road bikes but is newer for TT bikes and the set up I’ve gone for has dual controls so there are 8 little buttons to fiddle with!  2 buttons on each of the TT bars and the flat bars meaning I can change gears effortlessly regardless of where hands are positioned.   The shifting is seamless – so smooth and precise compared to traditional gears with cables.  The noise when you shift is amazing – a real zzzzzppp, zzzzzppp, each time you press a button, hence the name of my new bike RoboBike!

The full spec of the bike is;

Azione Falce TT carbon frame and forks

Di2 Dura-ace gears

Integrated aero brakes

Zipp full carbon firecrest wheels (404 front, 808 rear) for racing and Azione 38mM full carbon wheels for training/winter.

Fully customised airbrush design including red glitter finish, name and Ironman logo.

The bike look amazing and feel amazing – the best Azione bike build yet…….Dave was so protective of it he even brought bubble wrap out when I was putting it in the car.

Bring on the weekend and some dry winter days to get out on some flat TT style rides……..


6 thoughts on “RoboBike is finally here

  1. The bike looks really amazing, as does your position on it; looks like the bike fit guy did a great job. Probably time to start looking into choosing an aero helmet 🙂

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