Shelby Airbrush – custom design on my Azione Falce Tri bike

So its fair to say I’m over the moon with my new bike.  I cant thank Azione enough for sponsoring me for my next years race season and building me my dream triathlon bike.  I could never have afforded a bike of this calibre without their support and help and I appreciate that immensely.

One of the best things about my new bike (and there are many ‘best things’ about it) is that it has a custom design spray finish so its a unique one of bike that you will never see anywhere else.  I chose base my design on the “blanco’ Azione Falce design, but then customised it with red fork inners, red chain stay inners, an iron man logo on the frame, my name on the chain stay and also a red glitter effect overspray on all the white parts of the frame.  The results are amazing.

Established in 1995, Shelby Airbrush Art has been a prolific producer of airbrush art. Associated with a variety of both professional and private clients, their portfolio boasts a range of work from bespoke artwork to pristine replica designs from throughout the ages.

The work is available on a combination of mediums from bike helmets, classic motorcycles, leather, mountain bikes and canvas. They are heavily involved in painting carbon fibre frames , and restoring paintwork after carbon bike repairs.

As one of the most respected airbrush artists in the North of England, Shelby Airbrush Art believes that every customer is unique and so is the work.

The first photo I saw of my frame during the build was when it arrived at Dave’s as a bare carbon frame.  I then saw all the components laid out ready for prep work when Steve Mortlock from Shelby got them.

Image 8 IMG_4785

The next set of photos i saw were as the design started to take shape and I could see the layers building.

Image Photo 22-10-2013 15 38 41 Image 4

Once the whole spray was complete I was amazed with the finish and the effect of the red glitter, it really looks stunning especially under natural sunlight.

Photo 24-10-2013 15 22 35 Photo 24-10-2013 15 27 18 Photo 24-10-2013 15 30 02

I cant recommend Steve’s service highly enough, and will definitely be using him again when i get my new Azione Chiaro in the new year (using same design to have a matching pair or road and tri bikes!).

Check out Steve’s service and website;




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