Triathlon Bloggers open day @Total Fitness Nottingham

Triathlon Bloggers open day @Total Fitness Nottingham

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Martin at TFN inviting me to an open day at the shop and to have a complimentary bike fit from SpeedHub.  Having had a Retul bike fit transform my riding on my training bike last year, I jumped at the chance to accept this offer as I’ve recently had some changes made to my race bike including a new Adamo attack saddle and wanted to ensure I was going to be racing in a fully aero but sustainable position.

My new race bike - not seen the light of day yet with such a bad winter!

My new race bike – not seen the light of day yet with such a bad winter!

I got to the shop just before noon on saturday and had a nice chat with Martin and he introduced me to the owner of the shop Mark Redwood.  Mark told me a little about the history of TFN, which as a relative newbie to triathlon still I found it very interesting.

TFN opened its doors for the first time in April of 1996, started by 4 like minded friends who had struggled to find anywhere to buy their triathlon kit all in one place. The original premises in Nottingham were small but as the years went on TFN steadily grew and what had started as more of a hobby became a serious business. In 1999 TFN were one of the first shops to get a dedicated e-commerce website. In 2001 they moved to the current Beeston location.

The TFN race team has been influential in local and national races for years, TFN have previously supported up and coming triathletes and over the years such huge names as Jodie Swallow, Andy Tarry and Tom & David Bishop have started their careers with TFN. They have won numerous national titles over the years and intend to keep us this standard.

The whole team and TFN were very friendly and helpful during the day and mid way through the afternoon it was my turn for a full Retul bike fit with Tim from Speedhub.  The retul bike fits takes many measurements using little LED style tags on your body and a camera type gadget to pick up the signals, this paired with Tims experienced eye and knowledge of both road / TT and triathlon riding can give you the best fit for both aerodynamics but also, and more importantly for me, something that is sustainable for the ironman distances I will be covering.

camera 009

I about to set off to La Santa for a training week on my race bike, and Tim has kindly offered for me to have a follow up fit after I’ve put some serious miles in to get a feel for the new more aggressive position will be in on my race bike.

Tim setting me up - this was before my position was brought forward

Tim setting me up – this was before my position was brought forward

If you have haven’t already checked out the website for TFN i can highly recommend you do so, and if you live locally, its well worth a visit, they have a huge amount of stock in store to browse and its much as ordering on online is convenient, when it comes to things like wetsuits you cant beat going into a store and trying a load on.  Check out the website for brands and models….

Thanks to Mark and his team for a great day!

2 thoughts on “Triathlon Bloggers open day @Total Fitness Nottingham

  1. the day sounded good, I was offered to go but unfortunatley they double booked me 😦 no hard feelings towards them though they are a really good bunch of people. probably one of the best Tri shops around.

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