A, B, C………

So now we are about to start the new race season I would like to thank Carvalho custom for agreeing to sponsor me for custom race kit for the 2014.

Carvalho Custom is based in Portugal and is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of custom cycling and triathlon clothing and other team sports kit.  Having raced in Carvalho kit last year I am very happy that are they are supporting me in the 2014 race season as I am already comfortable with the quality and performance of their kit and I’m very excited to have been working with them on the design of my new kit in the last few months.

I would like to thank Sport Pursuit for supporting me with most of my kit requirements last year and having helped me out with trainers, wetsuits, bike equipment and kit etc for the coming year… however, as Sports pursuit are taking a different direction with sponsorship for the new season I was grateful of the offer from Carvalho to work with them for the 2014 season.

That now completes my sponsorship for 2014, Azione for a great race bike and cycling support, Advanced Tri Fuel for my nutritional requirements. Back on track physio continues to support me by providing regular sports massage and lots of useful physio and injury prevention advice and now to complete that package I have my kit coming from Carvalho.

So excited for the coming season……..

carvalho logo


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