Role Model? Me?

Role Model – Me??

Sitting at 6:30 in the morning on saturday playing with my nephew Harry and Chilli the dog it suddenly dawned on me what an impact adults have on young children as to what they do, what they see as fun, and what they aspire to do in life!

I have my mum and her partner visiting for the weekend with my step nephew (5yr old) and they always joke and about how Harry and his big sister (Emma 16year old) look up to me, its actually dawned on me today just how much that is true.

Sitting having breakfast, little Harry said ‘this toast is different to what I have at home’ – I explained that the wholemeal bread with real butter and fresh raspberries are good for you and need lots of different food if you want to be strong to do lots of sports – on this note, he gulped down his full bowl of raspberries because he declared he has ‘lots of exercise to do today’.

Instead of sitting watching cartoons (i was hoping for a chilled out coffee) we then had a morning of playing on a swiss ball, playing with my dumbbells (only the little ones), indoor swim practice with my swim bands and more planking, then to finish it of a bit of plyometrics using the reebok step!  Little Harry then declared ‘I didn’t think your house was going to be this much fun because you don’t have any toys’.

Just goes to show, what we do in life has a huge impact on others around us. It is no wonder we are a nation with a growing population (quite literally) of overweight and unhealthy children as they watch what we do and this ultimately becomes the norm.  I’m just glad the people I am having an impact on see me in my more recent healthy and active life and not what i was in my 20’s, overweight, a heavy binge drinker and smoker!  How times have changed for the better…..

2 thoughts on “Role Model? Me?

  1. You’re an amazing role model, just keep on doing what you’re doing and before you know it little Harry will be doing his first junior tri and you’ll be standing on the sidelines with a tear in your eye!

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