Me and My Blog

Welcome to my blog! I am a 38-year old amateur triathlete with a passion for life and love of the great outdoors, be it on foot, mountain bike, road bike or snowboard. I am joined on many of these adventures by my loyal companion; Chilli the Labrador retriever.  I Love to run and cycle and have done these both as a way of trying to keep fit for several years.

My introduction into triathlon happened one day when I was bored at the gym just after moving to Hertfordshire and I decide I wanted to learn to swim front crawl. So why not just learn to swim like most normal people would? Well, I love a challenge so I figured back in 2011 If I entered a triathlon I would have no choice but to sink or swim – literally! Luckily, on my first triathlon, the ladies only ‘shock absorber’ Eton sprint I managed to not sink! Albeit I half swam, half doggy paddled, until I got around the 400m open water swim.

So that is where it all began; fast forward 3 years and since I then I have just taken part in many sprint and Olympic triathlons, 3 IM distance races and 2 middle distance with PB’s of 12:14 and 5:29 respectively.   In 2013 I also qualified as a GB Age grouper so 2014 saw my first race in GB kit.  My future aim is to improve my IM race time sufficiently to have a crack at winning a place to Kona IM World Championships in the coming years although I’m aware I am a long way off that yet – but we all need a  5 year plan in our lives…..

Please follow my blog as I write about my training adventures and report on my races over the coming months and years – maybe I’ll even see you at the Start line!


12 thoughts on “Me and My Blog

  1. A sub-13 IM in just 2 years! That’s pretty impressive. I just did my first tri and know all about slogging through the water. Good luck on getting to Kona!

  2. Thanks for visiting. Wow, you’ve done really well. I never was a swimmer and do a lot side stroke/back stroke on the swims. It is the freaky part of the tri’s I’ve done. I live on a river but no where close to swimmable water. I’m fine with that and probably won’t do them like you do. I enjoy 5/10 K’s and would like to run a half marathon. Reading your posts on training you have helped me with some answers I needed for an essay I am doing on different training programs for runners.

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