Milton keynes festival of running and another PB!

I went, I had a plan, I stuck to the plan – it hurt!

It had been a very up and down week for me post La Santa and wasn’t at all sure how I would do at this race – I really wanted to improve on my 1:45 from Bedford but being as I had thrashed myself for a week in Lanzarote I wasn’t sure how fresh I would feel, but to be fair, my legs were feeling good again by mid week so I was hopeful of a PB. This was a bit of a last minute race as I was gutted that Wokingham half got cancelled due to flooding last month. I definitely wasn’t feeling as ‘race ready’ as I did pre-Wokingham, I was genuinely gutted that race was canceled as I have never felt fitter and stronger than the couple of days leading up to Wokingham, but hey ho!

I stuck to my race plan 100% and I gave it all I had on the day – straight after the race I thought I had given it 100%, now, i’m doing that umming and ahhing thing, what if I could have pushed a little more here and there… well thats human nature isn’t it? I’m very self critical so i’ll never have a ‘perfect race’… theres always something to learn;

Lesson 1 – a sports bra makes a great place to place to stash your shot blocks even if you do look a bit uneven ;o)

Lesson 2 – when its bottles of water at aid station rather than cups, don’t go over the top – I nearly puked twice because I was guzzling it to greedily

Lesson 3 – prepare for the worst when removing socks after a hard run – I had blood blisters the size of 10pence pieces in several places on both feet!

Other than that – amazing day to be running, great race, fairly flat with a couple of hills and a damn evil long hill at the end that I wasn’t expecting, everyone groaned when saw that one looming around a corner!

Got my PB – 1:42:08, a PB by 3+ minutes. Not bad for 2 months work since Bedford!

Happy? Yes, very! And thank you to Musty who coaches me and helps me on a daily basis! I couldn’t make improvements like this on my own, Musty’s advice and training plans are helping me – a lot!

8 of 145 in category

50 of 860 female, that’s top 5% :o)


The Final Countdown – 4 days remaining


4 days....

4 days….

So it’s the final countdown.

I’ve been treating my followers to a pictorial countdown since day 6….it’s fair to say I’m more than a little bit excited/scared/nervous now!

My last week’s preparation has involved many short very low intensity training sessions and today I’m off for an all over sports massage to keep me nice and supple. Like everyone says, the hard work has been done and now is the time to relax, stretch, eat well and look after yourself as best as possible – oh, and sleep!!

At the weekend my new race wheels arrived, so that was the highlight of my weekend (as well as supporting my club mates at the Milton Keynes Olympic distance race and club BBQ on Sunday). Bike now looks and feels a little bit more ‘racy’, can’t wait to have my full-on ‘bling’ race bike next year, but I guess we cant have everything at once…and tri is definitely not a cheap sport!

So from now until I drive to Bolton on Friday it’s all about the planning. Lists, lists and yet more lists!

The last 48hrs is going to be pretty manic – my timetable looks something like this:


Travel to Bolton and Race briefing / registration at the Reebok stadium (and no-doubt spend some money in the expo).


Practice swim , cycle, and run (all very short) at Pennington Flash (complete by 10am, sort out final details to transition bags)

11:00 – Racking at T1 open for numbers 501-750

12:00 or earlier – T2 racking at the school

Back to hotel for chill out / spa time.

15:45 – Join #TeamSportPursuit at Reebok for interviews, coffee and meeting the team.

Sunday – RACE DAY!!!

03:00 Alarm call

04:30 latest – At Pennington flash to walk transition area again and ‘relax’!!

06:00 Race Start

The last 24-hours is all-important and I have a nutrition-plan that I stick to religiously – my lunch, evening meal and snacks are all planned out and my breakfast on race morning is always the same – I practice this during my long training sessions too. Breakfast is always porridge, a bagel, and a protein shake. I then have a carb-energy drink that I sip up until 20mins before the race, then I have a caffeine gel 5-10mins before getting into the water of the swim.

So on that note – time to start writing more lists…See you at the Finish line!!